Earl Grey & Classic Blends Specialists

Hand-packed fresh loose leaf


BERGAMIA TEA is a small, independent loose leaf tea company run by us Nigel & Lenka - a tea loving couple based in south-east England in Kent. We specialise in quality loose leaf tea especially Earl Grey tea freshly scented in small batches, a range of hand blended English Breakfast teas, popular House Blends and single estate teas.  We take pride in selecting, tasting, blending and hand-packing all teas in house ourselves. We endeavour to satisfy similar tea drinkers like us who appreciate quality, freshness and like to buy their tea from a small company and appreciate artisan food, drinks & all sorts of lovely things from small producers at farmers’ markets. We are 'Produced in Kent' members, trading at farmers' markets in Kent, Surrey & London.



…we love quality food, drink, markets and of course our customers who share the same passion of love of quality loose tea and also supporting small independent businesses! We prefer to buy local food and markets and that’s why we take pride in selling tea not only online but also at farmers’ markets. We really enjoy getting to know our customers through meeting them at markets. Some of our eco-conscious customers even bring our re-closable pouches (or their own packaging e.g. tin) back for their tea re-fills so they limit their packaging waste.  We love the fact that loose leaf tea is perfect for composting or can be recycled through council food waste collection scheme.


We specialise and only stock and sell loose leaf tea!

All our tea is selected, tasted, blended and hand-packed by us in house.

You can buy our tea not only online but also at farmers’ markets., where you can see and smell the tea before you buy.

We like recycling and re-using packaging wherever possible - at most of our market stalls you can bring back our packaging, re-use it when you buy more tea and save 10p (small bag), 20p (medium) or 25p (large) or even bring your own tea tin or container and save money as well.

We stock rattan cane teapot handles so you can rescue your old teapot by replacing your broken handle and start making more tea again.

We actually drink what we sell!