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Our Brand Story

Bergamia Tea pouches

As featured in 'cene Magazine (KENT PRESS AND BROADCAST AWARDS - MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR 2020 - 2019 - 2018):

Bergamia Tea, run by us - a tea loving couple Nigel and Lenka, started in 2007, originally trading as Tiger Spring Tea with an emphasis on Chinese teas. Much later on we moved from London to Kent to a bigger home for our growing family and to expand our tea venture. After failed attempts to find a quality Earl Grey supplier, we now had space to start scenting our very own Earl Grey tea. We called it Real Earl Grey to emphasise the fact that we use real bergamot oil in this special blend. 

Our Real Earl Grey soon became our best-selling tea at which point we thought it was a good time for rebranding. We liked the idea of working with Kent based people and we enlisted the help of Lisa from Klarity Marketing who got us to brainstorm various ideas for our new name and really made us think about our brand. The aroma of fresh bergamot oil filled our home so often and we loved the scent so much that ‘Bergamia Tea’ from the Latin name for the bergamot fruit (Citrus Bergamia) seemed fitting.

Then the challenge was to create a logo which led to us to super talented graphic designer Kaye from Ohhh Kaye also based in Kent. It was an incredible collaboration. Kaye’s passion for what she does and her hard work helped us to create a logo including fonts and branding colours that at last, we were truly happy with. 

Time went by and we were hoping to create a new website to go with our new brand but our busy family life meant we kept on postponing. Luckily we were approached by Louise from Oyster Creative, Kent based Digital Marketing Consultant who helped us to put all our ideas together and finally create an online shop   to make our customers’ life much easier and of course help us to promote what we love – loose tea! 

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