Bergmaia Tea what our customers say

"You haven’t tasted Earl Grey tea until you’ve tried this. The fragrance is wonderful and the tea is strong, unlike most Earl Greys you find. The tea’s distinction is its use of real Bergamot oils rather than the synthetic stuff, which makes it a must for any passionate tea drinker. The difference, even compared to other top-range Earl Greys, is enormous."

Christian - London

"Fantastic real tea. Delicious Real Earl Grey with full flavour and fragrance - most shop-bought Earl Grey is tasteless in comparison. Wonderful stuff and very quick delivery too!"

Deborah - Ruislip

“...We think you have the best tea in the UK. :)...”

Anna & Chris, Dunstable

“Now you’ve turned me onto lapsang and earl grey mix I can’t go back to tea-bags... I’ve been trying to turn everyone on to loose leaf tea. Thanks for opening my eyes.”

Jon, London

“WE LOVE your tea!!!!”

Dimitri, London

This is a gem amongst teas; a wonderfully aromatic, easy to drink yet with good strength. What a treat! I always look forward to having my Real Earl Grey cup of tea. It’s always fresh and citrusy - the best I’ve tried. We even take it with us on our holidays...

Andrea - London

“We had a team tasting at the weekend and loved your products.”

Claire, Paddock Wood

Tried some of your Earl Grey tea from the Farnham Farmers Market and it was simply stunning! Great tea guys :o) I would love to be involved with a business like this, keep it up!
Simon - Farnham

“Can’t find nicer green tea anywhere :)”

Rose, Brighton

It’s just so nice to have a decent cup of tea again!

Martin - London

Thank you for finding this very special tea and bringing it to us here in the UK! I have fond memories of drinking amazing green tea in Vietnam like nothing I’d tasted before, and this tea instantly transports me back there.

Kathryn - Reading

“I love your Red bush Earl Grey, a friend bought me some. It’s delicious!”

Philippa, Headcorn