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Real Russian Caravan

Real Russian Caravan

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Our take on this classic tea based on a blend of teas imported to Russia from China in the past which came via a network of trading routes known as the Silk Road. Originally the tea was transported by clippers (merchant sailing vessels) but due to it not being well suited to the damp environment, merchants started to transport tea on land by caravans of camels. During the stop offs the tea picked up the aroma of camp fires, giving it an intriguing smoky taste. In keeping with the original idea of this unique tea, our blend contains only Chinese teas and has a subtle nutty taste, with a tiny hint of smokiness of Lapsang Souchong. Typically drunk black, but enjoyable with milk too.

Type: BLACK TEA, Loose Leaf
Country of Origin: China


Preparation & Storage

Number of Servings: 1 heaped teaspoon (3g) per mug (250ml). 100g makes approx. 33 mugs if serving with milk, otherwise use less.
Water Temperature: 100 ° C
Infusion Time: 3-5 mins & stir before serving

Store tea pouch in a cool, dry and dark place..

For the best taste, use within one year from the date of purchase.