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Aromatic loose leaf black tea with ornage, lemon peel, cornflowers and bergamot oil - Lizzy Grey

Lizzy Grey

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An aromatic black tea with orange, lemon peel and cornflowers. Scented with bergamot in small batches for an extra special taste.

A blend of our Real Earl Grey, freshly scented with quality Italian bergamot oil and the addition of dried orange and lemon peel makes this citrusy blend perfect for the afternoon. It is an excellent alternative to Earl Grey tea giving a little less bergamot and more zesty fruitiness.

Type: BLACK TEA, Loose Leaf
Country of Origin: India, China, Italy (bergamot oil), Spain (orange & lemon peel), various (cornflowers)


Preparation & Storage

Number of Servings: 1 heaped teaspoon (3g) per mug (250ml). 100g makes approx. 33 mugs if serving with milk, otherwise use less.
Water Temperature: 100 ° C
Infusion Time: 3-5 mins & stir before serving

Store tea pouch in a cool, dry and dark place..

For the best taste, use within one year from the date of purchase.